December 8, 2022


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Vaccine in the world: where does Belgium stand compared to other countries?

The planet has reached nearly 4 billion injections, but anti-Govt vaccination campaigns are so uneven that poor countries have the greatest difficulty in obtaining precious doses.

At least 3.930 billion doses have been paid worldwide, according to a report released Tuesday by the most serious ‘Our Data World’ site from official sources.

Important reminder before reading the rankings below: Statistics for the vaccination campaign The delivery time of pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines depends on a variety of factors, including priorities set by different governments and the number of people living in a country.

Because of these different components, the number selected for comparison is the percentage of vaccine coverage of a country’s total population. The following classification therefore takes into account the percentage of fully vaccinated population compared to the total population of the country. (Not included in the classification, only those who received a single dose at this time).

Classification – Complete vaccination

Israel: 61.48% of the total population is fully vaccinated.
Canada: 56.1%
Great Britain: 54.9%

Belgium: 54.6% of the total population (+ 15% of the population receiving a single dose)

Spain: 55.4%
Portugal: 51.3%
France: 49.66%
Germany: 49.34%
Italy: 49%
United States: 48.79%
Netherlands: 48.4%
Luxembourg: 47%
Turkey: 28.59%
Morocco: 26.7%
Brazil: 17.89%
Russia: 15.73%
Today: 6.9%

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