November 30, 2022


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Vandenbroucke warns his colleagues and people: “I’m very worried about getting out of hospitals”

He warned during the debate in the House that the situation was serious and drastic action should be taken. The Minister gave daily statistics on the condition of the hospitals he receives at each lunch time. From 11 a.m. Monday to 11 a.m. Tuesday, 273 people were hospitalized with covid disease. Currently, 2,681 patients are in the hospital, of which 555 are in intensive care. Also, there are 165 beds due to staff shortage. Caregivers have been in trouble since the beginning of the health crisis, and some of them disappear because of overwork, fatigue, or illness.

“I’m very worried about what’s coming back to me from the hospitals. I want to warn people about the seriousness of the situation,” Vandenbrook told MEPs.

On Wednesday, during a meeting of the advisory board, no one could avoid trying, according to him: “Everywhere, it is necessary to take strict measures to ensure that everyone continues to work and provide courses. In schools.”

The Health Minister reiterated the importance of the vaccine. “Without the vaccine, we would now face a catastrophe like Pergamon in Italy. The delta variant of the disease is particularly dangerous. People will have to be vaccinated. Without the vaccine, the whole country will be shut down,” he said. He pointed out.

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