February 3, 2023


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Vladimir Putin: “Russia does not want war” (live)

“Do we want (a war) or not? Of course not, ”the Russian president told a news conference.

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LRussian President Vladimir Putin has vowed not to want a war around Ukraine, following tensions sparked by weeks of mass deployment of Russian troops.

“Do we want (a war) or not? Of course not. That is why we have put forward our proposals for a negotiation process, ”he told a news conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholes.

The Russian president also said he wanted to “continue to work” with Western countries on European security to defuse the crisis surrounding Ukraine. “We look forward to continuing to work together.

According to the German Chancellor, a “good sign”

The German president, for his part, declared the withdrawal of Russian troops concentrated on the Ukrainian border a “good sign.”

“The fact that we are now hearing that some troops are being withdrawn is a good sign anyway. We hope there will be more continuations,” he told a news conference in Moscow. Believed.

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