June 24, 2022


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Vladimir Putin’s health has caught everyone’s attention.

After all, as the Paris-Match writes, Vladimir Putin will do everything he can to leave no trace of disease or potential cancer.

Therefore, someone accompanying the Russian president on his travels will be responsible for the proper recovery of his stool and urine, preventing them from being analyzed and thus providing information about his health or medication intake. .

Yet according to the Paris-Match, this is nothing new, Vladimir Putin has been doing this for years.

“An agent had to put Putin’s stool in the bags provided for this purpose, so there was no trace behind him. Then everything was brought to Russia in a special suitcase,” the weekly writes, referring to the Russian president’s visit to Saudi Arabia in late 2019, but during his visit. Would have acted similarly in 2017. to France.

According to freelance journalist Farida Rustamova, Vladimir Putin is very careful about this, and he takes his own toilet with him every time he travels abroad.

However, the Federal Protection Service (FSO), the agency responsible for the security of the Russian president, should take note of this special task without any trace.

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