May 17, 2022


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War in Ukraine: Denmark presents plans to make Russia gas-free

The plan, which was unveiled by the executive on Tuesday, specifically states that by 2028 half of the 400,000 Danish households currently heated by gas will switch to connections for district heating or heat pumps.

The project also aims to generate biogas from renewable sources for the remaining households and industry. “Who will make sure we get rid of Putin?“Climate and Energy Minister Dan Jorgensen told a news conference.

The Danish government has also boosted its renewable energy development program and now plans to quadruple solar power plants, especially coastal wind power, by 2030.

We want to create renewable energies as intelligently as possible

The Scandinavian Kingdom is already one of the best European champions of wind power, currently providing half of its electricity – the rest being dominated by biomass and coal.

We want to create renewable energies as intelligently as possible“, Med Frederickson promised.

According to official figures, gas supplies about 18% of the energy consumed in Denmark each year. Most of it has long come from the country’s North Sea deposits, but these are in rapid decline.

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