July 3, 2022


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War in Ukraine: Europe pays 286 million euros every day to Russia for its reliance on hydrocarbons, explains Nicholas Cossett, a researcher at the Royal Institute of Defense.

Nearly three-and-a-half months of conflict in Ukraine are not over yet. Financial aid from the United States and Europe is enormous, especially in terms of arms supplies, but to what consequences? As for the sanctions against Russia, again, although they are exceptional in their purpose, they do not seem to give any definite result. QR News plays a role Julian Pomeroy, ULB’s political science researcher And Nicholas Cossett, researcher at the Royal Institute for Defense.

The benefit of arms distribution

Julian Pomeret explains that the weapons provided by the West have greatly aided the resistance of the Ukrainians. The same concern for Nicholas Cossett: “Without this arms supply, the Ukrainians would not be able to maintain a defensive line against the scale of the Russian offensive in the Donbass. Currently, the situation on the ground is changing for the two forces involved. It should be noted that the Ukrainians have promised Washington not to use these medium-range weapons directly on Russian territory. The Ukrainians are keen to honor this commitment to those who indirectly help them on the battlefield“.

Useless barriers?

Nicholas Cossett explains that the first source of funding for the war was our ability to depend on Russia. Researcher at the Royal Institute of Defense : “Europe pays Russia 286 million euros a day for oil alone. Oil accounts for only 46% of Russian exports. It is more or less half the funds of the Russian government. Faced with this observation, Europe is gradually working to reduce its impact on our population. If Europe is able to respect its schedule, that is, to cut itself off from Russian oil by the end of the year, it will significantly hit Russian financial revenues.s “.

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Is Europe too loose?

Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Europe’s relations with Russia were questionable in more ways than one, says Julian Pomeret:Russia has played heavily on Europe’s gas dependence or ideological closeness with some right-wing or far-right leaders in Europe. In the future, Europe will have to reconsider its discourse“.