June 25, 2022


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War in Ukraine: France is ready to take part in the “operation” to block the port of Odessa

France says it is ready to take part in the operation to access the port of Odessa “with full security” and is ready to bring in boats despite the sea being dug.

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LThe French president announced on Friday that France was ready to take part in the “process” of lifting the blockade of the port of Odessa (southern Ukraine) and exporting Ukrainian grain to countries in need.

“We are at the disposal of the parties, so a move is being made to allow access to the port of Odessa with full security, i.e. to allow boats to cross despite the sea. The tunnel,” the presidential adviser said.

France congratulates Ukraine on victory

The French president insisted on Friday that France wants Ukraine to “win” from the conflict with Russia, in response to questions raised by President Emmanuel Macron’s call “not to humiliate Russia.”

“Given the opportunity to tell the President, we wish Ukraine victory. We want Ukraine’s regional unity restored. We want this conflict and Russia’s war against Ukraine to end as soon as possible,” said a presidential adviser.

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