October 7, 2022


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War in Ukraine: German chancellor reveals what Putin told him

On Tuesday, he spoke with German President Vladimir Putin. During the press conference, Olaf Scholz explained what the two leaders had said to each other.

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VVladimir Putin does not consider the war in Ukraine a “mistake,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said during a press conference on Wednesday, where he was asked about his meeting with the Russian president the day before.

“Unfortunately, I cannot say that there is now a growing realization that it was a mistake to start this war,” Scholz said in Berlin.

According to him, Putin’s opinion is not going to change: “There is nothing to suggest that a new situation is emerging”, confirmed the German chancellor in a 90-minute telephone conversation with the Russian president on Tuesday.

A single “perspective”

Olaf Scholes felt it was “fair” to talk to each other and say what we have to say. “Because I firmly believe that Russia has to leave, its troops have to leave, so that there is a chance for peace in this region,” he said.

“Every day it becomes more and more clear that this is the only chance,” he continued. And add: “We need to talk about it”.

On Tuesday, Olaf Scholz urged Vladimir Putin to order a “complete withdrawal” from Ukraine.

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