July 3, 2022


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War in Ukraine: In cyber, Russia is weaker than expected

European military leaders say the Russians are “not ready for a combined war on physics and cyber space.”

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BSeveral European leaders of the military’s cyber security forces said on Wednesday that the Russians were far less effective than expected in using digital warfare capabilities during the offensive against Ukraine.

General Carol Molenda, Commander of the Polish Cyber ​​Security Forces, told a round table at the International Cyber ​​Security Forum (FIC) in Lille (north) that “we firmly believe that there will be a cyber pearl harbor” in support of the ground attack. France). “But Ukraine was ready to resist Russia’s (cyber) attacks,” he said.

In addition, the general noted that Russia was “strong enough to attack, but not so good at defense”, referring to the many cyber attacks that have affected the country, especially from groups of independent hackers. But “we must remember that Russia has strong capabilities in” psychological and information activities, “he warned, especially against the West, especially after the new sanctions.

“We are not as strong as we can imagine”

Colonel Romuvaldas Petkavicius of the Lithuanian National Center for Cyber ​​Security openly stated that “the Russians are not ready for a combined war on physical and cyber aircraft.” “There are cyber attacks all over Ukraine now, but I do not think they are well-planned,” he told the AFP.

General Didier Desire, commander of the French forces in the field (commander), made the same observation about the disconnect between computer attacks and military attacks on the ground. “Maybe they couldn’t organize it the way they wanted to,” he pointed out, adding that their skills were “not as strong as one might imagine”.

But when companies like Microsoft or Starling also flew in to help Ukraine, the analysis of the conflict became more complicated as groups of independent hackers entered the war, he underlined.

According to him, today the “clash in cyberspace” is like the Rugby World Cup “All teams are on the field without their unique jersey. The public is on the field where we must stop trying.”

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