May 16, 2022


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War in Ukraine: Rumors about Putin’s health

As the conflict erupts in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be an unyielding man. However, he is rumored to be actually weakened by a number of health issues.

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IsAppearing on horseback, sometimes hunting or without a shirt, Russian President Vladimir Putin has always developed the image of a powerful man who rules his country with an iron fist. But behind this faade hides a weak man, who is in poor health. On the show, which aired on April 29, In the air c He is keen to call it “Russia’s best secret”: the president’s health.

Rumor abounds

A lot of information about him is spreading. Cancer, or maybe Parkinson’s? The videos, which appear to show Putin in a bad condition, are sowing suspicion. But according to David Chatterjee, a journalist who specializes in Russia: “It is impossible to know the truth. One can even imagine that these rumors came from the Kremlin. This is misinformation aimed at making Putin look like a madman and make him dangerous. ⁇

These rumors flow into the highest circles of American power. Even Nancy Pelosi, chair of the US House of Representatives, said: Some say he has cancer, while others say his brain is clouded by covit. ⁇

Parbhani President?

According to Russian intelligence media Proekt, Vladimir Putin is unwell and should have stepped down five times. He would be “surrounded” by doctors, especially oncologists and thyroid specialists.

Hallway Noises reports that Kovit has not arranged anything and needs to isolate himself in isolation for two weeks before meeting it.

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