October 7, 2022


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War in Ukraine: Rush for plane tickets to leave Russia after demobilization announcement

Vladimir Putin’s announcement of a partial mobilization to strengthen his forces in Ukraine Attempts to leave Russia as soon as possible led to a rush on airline websites on Wednesday.

According to Google Trends, a statistical tool that allows you to find out how often a word is typed into Google, in Russia “Tickets“and”AirplaneDoubles from 6:00 GMT on Wednesday, the start of Vladimir Putin’s taped televised address.

request”Leave Russia“, she was treated 100 times more in the morning than usual.

The Belgorod region, which borders northeastern Ukraine and has been hit by Ukrainian strikes several times since the end of February, topped the ranking representing the researched location.

Tickets for direct flights to destinations closest to Russia – Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan – were sold out throughout the day on Wednesday, according to the Aviasales site, which is popular for buying their tickets in Russia.

The direction of Istanbul with Turkish Airlines has become one of the main routes out of the country by air since the closure of Western sanctions and European airspace, “All flights are full“Until Saturday.

On AirSerbia, the next flight with available seats to reach Belgrade was released on Monday 26.

Domestic flights to cities near the country’s borders have also exploded, with these tickets offering more than $750 against $70 from Moscow to Vladikavkaz (south).

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