August 19, 2022


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War in Ukraine: Russia will soon run out of “modern weapons”?

British intelligence says it has gathered information indicating Russia’s declining stockpile of precision weapons.

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LRussia will soon run out of “modern weapons” to use in its war against Ukraine. This was confirmed by the intelligence services of the British Ministry of Defense in their latest update on Saturday.

According to intelligence services, Russia has recently used so-called anti-ship missiles in ground attacks, while these missiles are intended to disable ships or boats. This would mean that Russia’s stockpile of precision weapons has dwindled.

The KH-32 anti-ship missile is believed to have been used in the June 27 attack on a commercial center in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk. This missile, according to the British, was “not suitable for hitting ground targets accurately”. In addition, a less accurate KH-22 missile was reportedly used in an attack on an apartment building in Odessa on Friday.

British provides a daily update on the situation on the front line in Ukraine. Russia continues to speak out against information from British intelligence services and calls the updates “propaganda”.

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