January 29, 2023


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War in Ukraine: Russians helpless against Ukrainian defenses at Bagmouth, Wagner’s boss explains reasons for offensive failure

In an interview filmed for the Russian news agency RIA Novosti in late December, Evgueni Prigojine, head of the Wagner militia, explains why his troops were unable to capture Bakhmout.

“Everybody’s asking the question: When are you going to pick up? Bagmouth ?”, He begins before describing his players’ strategy, which consists of advancing one house after another as a result of the Ukrainian defensive lines. “Each house is a castle, sometimes it takes weeks to take a house. He explains.

“Today, in the morning, we took a house and broke through the Ukrainian defenses. Behind this house there is another new defense, not just one., he says before his soldiers. “How many such security lines are there in Artyomovsk? (Russian name for Bagmouth Author’s Note) ? 500 is not wrong. There is a safety line every 10 meters.Prigozhin assures.

Wagner’s mercenaries complain that they lack vehicles and ammunition to advance quickly.

On Tuesday, British intelligence said the Russian military and Wagner “In mid-December their infantry attacks increased in frequency around the town of Pakmut in the Donetsk region, but these were poorly supported. Also, the Ukrainian army “is carried out significant reinforcements” To secure the area from mid-December. “Russia is unlikely to make a significant breakthrough near Bagmouth in the coming weeks.The UK Ministry of Defense concluded.

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Progress in one camp is more difficult than in the other, and thus the situation at Bagmouth is blocked, almost completely destroyed. There are many belligerents in the region, such as Russia and Ukraine. But despite the Russian bombardment, the Ukrainian fire defense tactic is very solid. “Defense is superior to offense and stopfire is more effective”, Accurate Military historian Cedric Moss at Le Picaro.

However, the latter argues that it was not necessary for Russia to capture the city. “It’s a marketing stunt for the Kremlin that wants to buy victory. Possession Bagmouth was devastated by months of shelling Nothing decisive would come, for the Russians would come up against the heights and new lines of Ukrainian defense in the direction of Kramatorsk.Cedric Moss assures.

Although troop positions are frozen, the fighting is intense BahgmutAlong with fire and blood, about fifty Russian soldiers were killed two weeks ago.