December 8, 2022


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War in Ukraine: “Surrender is not an option”

“Surrender is not an option because Russia does not care about our lives. They do not care about leaving us alive,” Ukrainian intelligence official Ilya Samolenko told a news conference.

“All our supplies are in short supply. We have water. We have ammunition. We have our weapons. We will fight until we get the best out of this situation,” he added from the base of the industrial site.

During the conference, he sometimes spoke in Ukrainian and sometimes in English. Samolenko said, “We, the soldiers of Mariupol Garrison, have witnessed the war crimes committed by Russia and the Russian military. We are witnesses.”

For several weeks, Mariupol was almost completely under Russian control. Only the massive Azovstel Steelworks escaped from him, the Russian army relentlessly attacked, and carried out large-scale attacks on the ground in the guise of violent wars.

According to Q, many civilians were in critical condition with Ukrainian militants until the last women, last children and the elderly were evacuated on Saturday.

The capture of Azovstall would allow Moscow to gain full control over Mariupol, a strategic port on the southern tip of the Donbass, which had a population of about half a million before the war, but was almost completely destroyed by the two-month siege and Russian bombings.

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