October 7, 2022


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War in Ukraine: Torture chambers found in liberation of villages (VIDEO)

Ukrainian troops discovered torture chambers during the liberation of Russian-occupied villages.

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Lhe Ukrainians gain more and more ground, while liberating many villages occupied by the Russians. These publications reveal the extent of the destruction caused by them. This advance by Ukrainian troops reveals the ill-treatment and torture local people may have suffered under the occupation. Several local media outlets have revealed torture sites where dozens of Ukrainians are said to have been severely mistreated.

From electric shock torture

In the village of Balaglia in the Kharkiv region, the Russians allegedly turned the basement of a police station into a torture prison. It is said that 40 people were arrested there. Reuters news agency aired pictures of the torture chamber. On the walls, there are texts written by prisoners. It includes prayers and a representation of the days of captivity.


The BBC also showed footage of the town of Palaglia where the torture chambers appear. According to witnesses, prisoners were tortured with electric shocks. “The Russians made sure everyone heard the screams,” one resident told British television.

Civilians were killed

According to unconfirmed reports from other parts of the region, the Russian army killed civilians. Several media reported that bodies have already been found in Palaglia, like other liberated villages. Deputy Interior Minister Jewhenij Jenin spoke about 40 suspected cases in the Kharkiv region. “The invaders have been in this area for a long time and certainly did everything to cover up the traces of their crimes,” he said. “Everything should be done to get evidence,” the deputy home minister added.

Faced with the findings, Moscow denied any involvement of Russian soldiers in the killings and said the atrocities were staged by Ukraine.

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