December 8, 2022


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War in Ukraine: Towards the first trial for war crimes, a 21-year-old Russian soldier sought

Vadim Shishimir is accused of shooting Kalashnikov through the window of a car he was traveling in and killing an unarmed 62-year-old citizen, according to a statement from attorney Irina Venedikova’s office.

The accused soldier was traveling with four Russian soldiers after their convoy was attacked on February 28, and they stole a car near the village of Subakivka, the report continued, adding that unidentified civilians – unidentified – were riding bicycles. On the side of the road not far from his house.

“One of the soldiers ordered the killing of one of the accused civilians so he should not be punished,” the judge said. “The man died on the spot, only a few ten meters from his house.”

Detained Vadim Shishimir faces life imprisonment for war crimes and premeditated murder.

No trial date was specified.

The prosecutor’s office released a photo of the accused, but did not specify the circumstances that led to his arrest or what happened to the other players who were present during the alleged events.

10,700 suspected war crimes have been reported

More than 10,700 war crimes involving 622 suspects have been reported to the prosecutor’s office.

Russia has repeatedly accused Kyiv and Washington of committing war crimes in Ukraine since the beginning of its invasion, which has led to the deportation of nearly six million civilians, both domestic and foreign, describing the many realities of torture, sexual abuse and indiscriminate destruction. .

The United Kingdom and the Netherlands have sent special war crimes investigators to assist local and international criminal tribunals, including the town of Bautcha, near Kiev, where at least 20 bodies were found on April 2.

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