October 7, 2022


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War in Ukraine: Ukrainian nuclear operator condemns “unprecedented” Russian cyber attack against its site

“On August 16, 2022, the most powerful cyber attack since the beginning of the Russian invasion took place against the official Energoatom website,” the operator said on Telegram. The site was “attacked from Russian territory,” he added.

The Russian group “People’s Cyber ​​Army” used 7.25 million cyber robots that attacked the Energoatom site for three hours, assuring the Ukrainian company that this hacking attempt “did not have a significant impact on the work of the Energoatom site”.

The Telegram channel, dubbed the “People’s Cyber ​​Army” in Russian, called on its supporters to attack the Energotum site at noon.

In the evening, he announced a “change”, now targeting the Ukrainian National Institute of Remembrance, whose site is facing difficulties.

The attacks come amid tensions surrounding Zaporizhia, a Ukrainian nuclear power plant in the south of the country that has been occupied by Russian troops since March, shortly after Moscow launched an invasion of its neighbor.

Moscow and Kiev have blamed each other for several strikes targeting the installation, which is Europe’s largest, raising fears of a nuclear holocaust.

Ukraine has four nuclear power plants that, before the invasion, provided half of the electricity production of this vast country bordering the European Union.

Ukraine, a former Soviet republic, was the scene of the worst nuclear disaster in history in 1986, when a reactor at its Chernobyl power plant (north) exploded, contaminating much of Europe.

Kyiv shut down its last operating Chernobyl reactor in 2000. After the invasion began last February, Russian troops occupied a 30-kilometer radius of the facility and a heavily radioactive area around it for several weeks.

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