August 13, 2022


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War in Ukraine: Ukrainian ports are back in action, a key bridge hit by Kiev’s military

In Ukraine this Wednesday, a strategically important bridge in the south of the country was partially destroyed by the Ukrainian army, while Ukrainian ports designated for grain exports have resumed operations.

According to agreements signed in Istanbul on July 22 for four months, the Joint Coordination Center (CCC), which controls the transit of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea, was officially opened in this Turkish metropolis on the same day.

Another consequence of the Russian attack is that the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline project between Russia and Germany is now in service at only one-fifth of its capacity, reinforcing the risk of shortages in Europe this winter.

Convoys for transporting grain

“The ports of Odesa, Chornomorsk and Yushny (Pivtenny, editor’s note) have resumed operations,” the Ukrainian Navy announced on Wednesday. “The exit of ships and entry into ports will be done by forming a convoy that accompanies the lead ship,” he continued.

kyiv and Moscow in Istanbul, under the mediation of Turkey and the UN, allowed the delivery abroad of about 25 million tons of grain stuck in Ukrainian ports.

However, Ukrainian officials have repeatedly said they do not trust Moscow.

For its part, the Kremlin announced it saw no obstacle to resuming exports, and sea mines laid by Ukrainian forces to protect against a Russian amphibious assault were blocked. kyiv stressed that demining would only take place “in the corridor necessary for export”.

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The bridge is “heavily damaged”

The Dnieper span on the outskirts of Kherson, the Antonovsky Bridge, key to supplies, was partially blocked on Wednesday by a Ukrainian offensive.

The work is “heavily damaged” and “the Russians do not have the experts and equipment to repair it in the short term,” commented Yury Sobolevsky, deputy head of the regional council, confirming that “the bridge cannot be crossed.” Heavy military equipment.”

“The shooters on the bridge made people’s lives a little more difficult,” said Kirill Stremosov, a senior representative of the Russian occupation authorities.

Vital to Ukrainian agriculture, the region is strategic because it borders the Crimean peninsula, annexed by Moscow in 2014.

The main part of the Donbass

In eastern Ukraine, the Donbass mining basin was the scene of heavy fighting. Ukrainian emergency services said two people were killed and five wounded in a shelling attack on a hotel in Bagmouth.

AFP journalists in the town, one of the last in the Ukrainian-controlled Donbass, heard sporadic artillery fire and saw a house hit by Russian shelling. “I was in the shed and I was about to go out. I heard a noise. And I don’t remember anything. It exploded and I was thrown into the shed,” Roman, 51, told AFP.