March 21, 2023


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War in Ukraine: Update on the situation this Tuesday, March 7

UN chief Antonio Guterres will travel to Kiev on Tuesday and Wednesday to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, his third trip to Ukraine since the start of Russia’s invasion, his spokesman said on Tuesday.

Bakhmout, the company continues to fight For the Study of War (ISW), an American think tank, analyzes the situation of the Wagner group: “Battle of Pakmut could severely disrupt the best forces of the Wagner Group, depriving Russia of its most effective and hard-to-replace shock troops.”

For his part, President Volodymyr Zelensky ordered the Ukrainian army on Monday to bolster defenses in the city of Bakhmout, the epicenter of fighting in the country’s east, in the face of months-long Russian troop withdrawals. To circumnavigate this iconic city. Russian troops have advanced north and south of the city in recent weeks, severing three of Ukraine’s four supply routes, leaving the only exit route further west to Chasiv Yar.

The Chinese government blamed him On Tuesday to growing tensions between the United States Two of the world’s largest economic powers, “CCollision and conflict“If Washington doesn’t change the path it’s engaged in, Reuters reports. Following this, he spoke to reporters in Beijing Annual Plenary Session of Parliament, Chinese Minister Foreign Affairs also said that an “invisible hand” was fueling the conflict in Ukraine.

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