February 2, 2023


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War in Ukraine: Updated January 23

With a German green light Leopard sends heavy tanks Type II to Ukraine by Poland, the war in Ukraine may gain new momentum. Faced with this decision, Moscow immediately responded by declaring:distributor Offensive weapons can lead to global catastrophe“, true Its strategy of fear by rekindling the threat of World War III.

Because this end of new military aid will, inter alia, strengthen Volodymyr Zelensky’s Ukrainian forces. A scene that greatly annoyed Moscow and the Kremlin master. Around him, there are many supporters of a runaway conflict, hoping that they can bring the Kyiv army to its knees before the new weapons arrive, before this aid is effective.

Underground, it is already a New offensive of Russian troops in the Zaporizhia region. By now the warriors were encamped in their positions. At Bagmouth, mercenaries Prigozhin’s private militia, BMC Wagner, Continue the offensive against Ukrainian troops using well-established tactics similar to those used last summer as a prelude to a major counteroffensive. Retreat slowly, inflict as many losses as possible on the enemy, wait for fresh support, and sacrifice as few men as possible.

However, in front of them, waves of people follow each other. True cannon fodder, the first Russian waves, underarmed and willingly sacrificed, were intended to test the Ukrainian troops before the more trained troops launched an offensive against the tired and wounded Ukrainians.

Various military reports state a ratio of 1:6 and 10. If one Ukrainian soldier dies, 6 to 10 Russian soldiers will lose their lives. Putin and his cronies are unconcerned by Moscow’s disaster tactics, ready to amplify their mobilization to feed their agenda and win at all costs. According to the Pentagon, 188,000 Russians have lost their lives in Ukraine since the invasion began on February 24.

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