October 7, 2022


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War in Ukraine: Ursula van der Leyen wants to bring Putin to justice

The head of the European Commission on Thursday appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with a German media outlet to support international justice for war crimes in Ukraine.

“Putin must defeat this war and answer for his actions, that’s important to me,” Ursula van der Leyen told the Bild television channel daily.

There is no doubt that war crimes have taken place in Ukraine since the Russian offensive erupted in late February, the European leader said, adding that “that is why we support the collection of evidence” for a procedure in the world of criminal courts. The executive visited Kyiv during the day.

“The foundations of our international legal system demand that we investigate such crimes and, ultimately, Putin is responsible for them,” he added.

Asked about the possibility of the Russian head of state one day being brought before international justice, Ms van der Leyen replied: “I think it’s possible”.

Earlier in the Ukrainian capital, the head of the European Commission pledged that the EU would support Ukraine “for as long as” against Russia while Ukrainian troops are victorious.

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