May 17, 2022


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War in Ukraine: Weapons used during World War I were found on the bodies of civilians in Bautista

The bodies of many civilians in Bautza and Irbin were trapped by tiny spears.

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D.According to reports, metal arrows have been found in the bodies of civilians killed in Bautista, Ukraine
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. This weapon was widely used during the First World War.

Ukrainian authorities have found more than 400 bodies in Pucha – the Russian army withdrew from the area in late March – killed by the war but died of other causes. Metal spears, three to four centimeters long, are found on civilian bodies, especially on the head and trunk. They are shot by thousands at once and scattered over a wide circumference of 100 meters long and 300 meters wide.

When they penetrate the skin, they separate and then cause a double wound. They are very thin and resemble nails. This was stated by Vladislav Byrovsky

These darts were fired by Russian artillery in the days before the Russians left. They were widely used during World War I, but generally not so in modern warfare.

This type of weapon is not banned by international law, but human rights groups have been trying to do so for some time.

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