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Warm-ups, dinners, trips இந்த These little twists in the cowardly rules that are so expensive for politicians

Small kiss, severe effects. This Saturday, British Health Minister Matt Hankok, a Announced his resignation for violating the rules Implemented in response to the Govit-19 epidemic in the United Kingdom. The day before, The Sun published a photo of the minister kissing his adviser in May.

A gesture that caused a scandal, not only because it revealed an affair outside of marriage to Matt Hancock, but also because British instructions at the time forbade hugs and hugs. “We owe it to ourselves to be honest with those who sacrificed so much during these epidemics, when we deceived them as I did in defiance of instructions.“Matt Hong Kong wrote to Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his resignation letter.

This is not the first time a politician has clearly violated the Govt rules in his country, which has caused a stir among the people and in some cases the resignation of the president concerned, according to Matt Hancock.

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European Trade Commissioner Bill Hogan arrives for dinner in Ireland. © AFP or licensees

Stained dinners …

In Ireland, Which Dinner at the Parliamentary Golf Club Last August, he held several officials, including Agriculture Minister Tara Caleri, in office for only one month. At a hotel in Clifton, near Calvary, the minister had dinner with European Trade Commissioner Bill Hogan.

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At the time, Ireland was facing a surge of pollution: the number of meetings inside had increased from a maximum of 50 to 6 people. “This event should not have happened this way with the results announced by the government“, Then recalled Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin after accepting the resignation of his Minister of Agriculture. In the process, Commissioner Bill Hogan also resigned.

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Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg does not respect health measures with his family. © Copyright 2019, dpa ( Alley Recte Vorbalten

Ann Norway, Who was at the center of the inquiry in March 2021 was the Prime Minister. Public television revealed itErna Solberg and her family celebrated her birthday in late February in defiance of health recommendations. “My family and I apologize for violating anti-Govt rules, which should never have happened, The head of government wrote on Facebook. I especially think of all those who have to cancel things they were expecting, a birthday with classmates, a party with friends or something important. I understand those who are angry and frustrated about this.“Family members ate at a restaurant with more than ten people, which was banned.

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This is the secret, the secret thing that created the controversy at this time France. In April, the M6 ​​channel revealed in a statement Food was served in the Palace Vivian in great secrecy, A top-notch restaurant in Paris, Horega was still closed. According to witnesses, ministers attended the banquet without respecting social distance or wearing masks. Government spokesman Gabriel Attal was called, said Pierre-Yves Salonon, owner of the restaurant. Then he retreated.

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Pierre-Jean Salonான்n, owner of the Paris Vivienne, said secret dinners took place in Paris, perhaps involving ministers. © AFP or licensees

An annoying holiday …

In December 2020, the Minister of Finance of Ontario in Canada released the headlines. Rod Phillips really was Vacation on the French island of Saint-Bartholomew, In the Caribbean … Since the outbreak in March 2020, the Canadian government has strongly advised against all non-essential foreign travel.

The minister defended himself by explaining that he had taken his leave before the decision to restructure the country, but this was not enough to get the case out. Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford has called on his minister to return to the country. Traveling during the holidays is not the right decision and I apologize wholeheartedly“, Rod Phillips said before resigning on Dec. 31. Minister was not the only one caught for traveling during the holidays: the Quebec Huffington Post published last April List of ten politicians.

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This time another issue caused controversy in Spain and Belgium. Prince Joachim, son of Princess Astrid After a trip to Spain, the test was positive in May 2020. He attended a private party in C்டோrdoba with friends and family. Although the law allows for less than 15 people to gather, the El Confidential newspaper reports that 27 people attended the party, or twelve. The prince apologized and was fined 5 5,200 in July.

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Prince Joachim of Belgium tested positive after attending a party in Spain. © Belka Photo by Benoit Tobagne

Despite being in Belgium, it was talked about in February 2021 as a party leader. When the Advisory Board established the one-person health bubble, Ecolo’s co-chair Jean-Marc Nolet He admitted that he no longer respected her. Initially, yes, I respected the bubble, but for a few weeks, I let two people welcome, a couple“, He announced at the premiere. It was recalled by Prime Minister Alexander de Crowe and Interior Minister Annalies Verlindon.The rules apply to everyone“.

… and non-transferable vaccine benefits

Finally, ministers and delegates use their position to secretly and quickly get vaccinated. The scandal erupted, especially in Peru. In February, a local presidential newspaper reported that former President Martin Viscarra had been vaccinated in October before being vaccinated. As a result, the health minister resigned From the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Preferably before the population, admitted to being vaccinated in January.

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Former Peruvian President Martin Viscarra has been secretly vaccinated, while no campaign has been launched in the country. © AFP or licensees

In Argentina, the issue of ‘VIP vaccines’ caused a stir in February. Some people, such as journalist Hegorazio Verbitsky, admitted to being vaccinated at the Ministry of Health, thanks to his friend Guinness Gonzalez Garcia, the minister. The latter is Resigned at the request of the President.

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In Spain, many were secretly vaccinated before the country’s breakthrough, namely soldiers, bishops in the south of the country, and especially Murcia’s regional health minister. In Poland, one MEP was able to be vaccinated preferably.

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