August 10, 2022


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“Waste of public money!”

James and Tracey are outraged: for 35 years, they used to park on the lawn next to their house, but can no longer do so. In fact, the municipal council of Conwy in Wales decided to build a railing to prevent them from occupying the space. “I don’t understand why we park our cars, it doesn’t make any sense,” complains James.

It is believed that parking on the Municipal Council side of the land, just before the bend, poses a safety hazard to drivers due to lack of visibility.

According to Tracy, the local authorities made their decision at the beginning of the lockdown in 2020, many people live in his house and they are stuck at home. Many vehicles later used this space, but as the situation developed, this never happened again.

Although unhappy with the fence plan, the Woodbines have submitted a planning application for a new parking lot on their land and say the city council has agreed to delay the fence until that work is completed.

No matter, the 40-meter-long structure was installed earlier this month, despite the couple’s complaints. Henceforth, James, who has a heart condition, has to park his car further away, which annoys him because there has never been a road accident.

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“I don’t agree that this car park presents safety risks, and in any case, the new fence will cause more problems than it should solve,” he laments. “There are big tractors that use the shoulder to move safely on the road, and they can’t do that. Waste of public money! »

The rhetoric from Conwy County’s side remains unchanged: “We have installed a guard on township-owned land near a sharp bend in the road so drivers can see ahead. »