August 13, 2022


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We answer all your questions about your future vacation!

Sebastian, from Liege

To go to France, you have to prove a negative result in less than 72 hours by PCR or antigen test. Since antigenic tests are the opposite, who will issue the certificate?

Antigenic tests sold at pharmacies are not valid for travel. To enter France, if you choose the antigen test, you will still have to go through a lab.

Veronica, from Brussels

Do you need a PCR test to go to Moldova? Want to test 4 year olds as well?

It is necessary to present a negative PCR test performed 72 hours prior to departure in Moldova. Children up to the age of 5 are exempt from isolation and testing rules.

Raymond, de Tervuran

I would like to go to Spain for a week from June 22 to June 29, 2021. I got both vaccines, is there anything else?

If you received your second vaccine at least 14 days before entering Spain, you can enter Spain without further action. Otherwise, you will have to present a negative PCR or antigen test, which is less than 48 hours. In any case, you will need to fill out an FSC form available on the site

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