August 17, 2022


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“We did it!”, The left is coming back to power

The left-wing opposition, led by Labor Jonas Kahar Store, won Monday’s assembly election dominated by the fate of the country’s oil operations, ending eight years of right-wing rule.

We waited, we believed, we worked so hard, and now we can finally say: we did it!Jonas Kahar Store, who could be the next prime minister to the cheers of activists, said.

Norway sent a clear message

Five opposition parties are expected to win 100 of the 169 seats in Sporting, Norway’s only parliament.

With 89 rules so far, Labor appears to be on track to gain an absolute majority with its favorite allies, the Central Party and the Socialist Left.

The trio could have done without the other two opposition forces, MDG’s environmentalists and Rod Communists, with whom Jonas said the car store was determined to discuss more.

Norway sends clear message: Elections show that the Norwegian people want a better societySaid the 61-year-old millionaire who campaigned against social inequalities.

The five Nordic countries, the strongholds of social democracy, must soon be ruled by the left.

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