May 18, 2022


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“What future do you see in Europe?” De Guru spear

26 eyes will be on Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the two-day European Summit in Brussels starting this Thursday. After Brexit, the union should be managed A poloxide, a process of leaving Poland From the European Club?

Poland banned itself from the EU two weeks ago, and its Supreme Court upheld the idea European treaties do not comply with the Polish constitution. This ruling creates an unprecedented attack on a founding policy of Europe: the primary of the European Court, the arbitral tribunal by the European Court of Justice.

If you want to be a part of a club and enjoy its benefits, you must respect the rules.

European leaders adopted a compromise tone before entering a meeting at the Europa building. “My first question to my Polish colleague: Where are you taking this?”, Announced by the Prime Minister of Belgium Alexander de Groo. “What future do you see in Europe? If you want to be a part of a club and enjoy its benefits, you have to respect the rules.”

For Alexander de Grove, Polish attempt “It touches the heart of Europe. All citizens and all businesses must have the same rights everywhere in Europe, the same rules apply to everyone. It is a shame that we have to spend so much time on it because we can talk about it. Energy prices, the economy, social security.”

ில்லியன் 36 billion has already been blocked

The Prime Minister of Poland already had A tense exchange with Commission Chairman Ursula van der Leyen, In the European Parliament on Tuesday. Warsaw accuses Europeans of using it “Language of Force and Threat”.

Many countries are unwilling to pay 36 billion euros for the post-Poland Govt rescue program. “In fact, we see that funding for the recovery program is currently blocked, Says Alexander de Crowe. There is a condition that already applies. This is a good thing. We cannot have the advantages of Europe and respect the rules that apply to everyone.

“Ready for conversation”

The European Union has Other legal proceedings To establish the rule of law, but they are slow and difficult to implement. Here, the action already has its consequences. “Economic sectors in Poland are beginning to worry about the risk of losing billions of euros.”, Says a European source.

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Before the summit began, it seemed that the will of others and others would lower the temperature. The head of the Polish government met with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “We will not act under black pressure, but we are ready to negotiate.”And Dit Mateusz Morawiecki. “We will definitely discuss how to resolve the current dispute.”.

Supported by Victor Orban

However, Poland is not completely isolated: it can count on Hungary’s support in the conflict with other European leaders. “The first priority of European law is not in contracts. The poles are right on this issue. National law takes precedence.”, Declared Sovereign Victor Orban. He is constantly isolated by the EU on law and order issues.

The other thorny issue of the summit, which will last until Friday, will be a substitute for the rise in energy prices. Proposed by the European Commission Toolbox Member states can use, but some countries call for genuine European action in the energy market.