January 29, 2023


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What to expect from Vladimir Putin now? “He has a new goal, but I hope he doesn’t achieve it”

“The Russians are losing,” says Zelensky

For Americans who have retired from the Air Force, Russian forces are expected to attempt breakthroughs in the Donbass and eastern parts of the country where they have lost control. “But the Ukrainians had many victories that made them strong,” Leighton said. “They have a better supply chain and better logistics than the Russians.”

This is why the former colonel predicted that the Russians would face “considerable difficulties” in achieving their goals. Also, Mr. According to Leighton, Vladimir Putin’s ambitions have changed somewhat. “The Russian president has a new goal, but I hope he doesn’t reach it,” he said. “The latter now wants to reach a stalemate in the conflict in Ukraine using several means.”

Who are these “Russian patriots” fighting alongside the Ukrainians?

The expert notes that the risk of defeat for Vladimir Putin is increasing if he does not want to advance the outcome of the war in Ukraine. “We have evidence that there is a major weakness in the Russian military and this will continue. What the Russian president is doing will only make it worse,” he concludes. CNN.

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