January 30, 2023


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When neo-Nazi group members are invited to the opening ceremony of Eric Zemor’s campaign room

“LVF”, or “Les Vilains Fachos”, whose founders claim to be “French foreigners”, recently broke the news in France. The Telegram group is actually the target of death threats complaints against politicians and journalists. In fact, pictures of the racist nature were constantly published in the group.

According to media reports, photos of several journalists with red marks on their foreheads were also posted there. Street Press. The conversation will be filled with references to the Third Rise. If the facts are already too serious, the case goes further.

If the neo-Nazi group is proud to show its support for Eric Zemor, Freeze the pictures Reveals that the founders of “Les Vilains Fachos” will also be involved in the debater’s campaign. However, this is supported by many who can speak in the media.

Close to Eric Zemor

“Since the beginning of the LVF affair, we have, surprisingly, seen the Gemmoor team suffer from depression. ‘We did not know this LVF group, we have never heard of them. As invited, Can we read a message that was extracted from the group and posted by French journalist Taha Bouhafs on Twitter?

An evening reunion of Eric Zemmer’s relatives took place on October 25 at his headquarters in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The evening film aired on PFM TV. According to the surveyFreeze the pictures, “Les Vilains Fachos” members would have arrived that evening. The latter were actually able to prove their existence, thanks to another photo of the evening, where the Defendant appeared, as well as the recording of Zemorin’s speech.

“He knows very well who we are.”

The founders of Les Vilains Fachos say they are grateful to Stanislas Ricolt, president of Generation Gemmer, which is considered “the new symbol of right-wing youth” by the ultra-conservative weekly Valeursuelles. “Stanislas knows who we are. What we do. How we do it”, Explains the member of the villains Fachos Freeze the pictures. He also confirms that the person responsible for Zemmour’s campaign footage comes from “LVF”.

Since the group’s presence was made public and various complaints have been made against its members, steps have been taken at Generation Gemmore to attempt to expel members of the “LVF”. “They want to report directly to the police, covering themselves up and giving the impression that they are fighting the problem. ” Condemns the source.

However, this is not the first time the plaintiff has been in contact with the far right, as the Street Press has already exposed the involvement of members of a small far-right group in Eric Zemor’s campaign.

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