August 10, 2022


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Which countries have been vaccinated?

In front Rise of the Omigron variant worldwide, And many more countries are considering vaccinating certain categories of the population. Find our map showing the major countries where population (area) should be vaccinated against Govt-19.

Mandatory vaccination is used by only four countries: Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Micronesia.“Announced by Prime Minister Alexander de Crowe on November 18, 2021.”I do not know of any European colleagues who have used this to the forefront. Persuasion is more effective than coercion“.

More than a month and a half after this declaration in the Assembly, other European countries have been added to the list of countries that have imposed the vaccine on the entire population or wish to do so.

Over time, many countries are vaccinating certain categories of their population: people over the age of 60 in Greece, employees of transport companies in Canada, not to mention health workers …

Find our map showing the major countries (areas) where to be vaccinated:

The information provided in this article, which was verified on January 6, 2022, is subject to change. This is not an exhaustive list of countries in which their population (area) needs vaccination.

(By the way) Mandatory generalized vaccination

Following Alexandre de Crore’s statements in the House in November, three more countries have taken steps toward a common vaccine obligation. Ecuador goes a long way in requiring vaccination from the age of 5 years. Germany and Austria are moving towards compulsory vaccination, but the legal texts in this regard have not yet been finalized.


The Austrian government decided in November to make the vaccine mandatory from February 1, The first EU country to take such action. Under the two bills, the measure is expected to take effect on February 1 and will apply to all Austrians over the age of 14. For the denier, the fine can go up to 3,600 euros.

However, the Austrian parliament has not yet approved the bills. The closer the date, the more doubtful it becomes. According to some experts, the obligation of the planned corona virus vaccine in Austria is legally weak due to the spread of the Omicron variant.


In December, German lawmakers passed a law against Kovid-19 requiring medical staff to be vaccinated. To the new German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, this The first step of the vaccine was extended to the whole population.

To do this, you must go through the German parliament. The first debate in the Bundestag on public vaccination obligations will begin at the beginning of the parliamentary term.

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The South American country announced on December 23 that it would make the vaccine mandatory All eligible persons, i.e. all citizens 5 years of age or older. Exemption can only be given to those who have a medical condition or are “incompatible” with the vaccine.


Vaccination has, in principle, been mandatory in the archipelago country since February 2021, under a permit. Those who refuse it can be fined 315 euros, and the result of some government assistance. In fact, the vaccination campaign is struggling to believe: on January 5, only 42.2% of the population was fully vaccinated.


In July, the Federal State of Micronesia announced that it would make compulsory vaccination of people over the age of 18 in an archipelago of 100,000 people in the Pacific.


The dictatorial regime of Tajikistan mandated in July that vaccination be made compulsory for those over 18 years of age.


Like its neighbor Tajikistan, Turkmenistan has been vaccinating adults since July 2021.

Mandatory vaccination of certain types of population

While Union Health Minister Frank Vandenbrook is working on a bill aimed at forcing health workers to vaccinate against Covit-19, several European countries, such as France, Italy, Great Britain and Hungary, have taken the plunge.


In Belgium, In late August, the advisory board ratified the compulsory vaccination policy for health workers, But the legal framework has not yet been adopted. The health department is generally supportive of the move.


Generalization of vaccines for civil servants is practiced in many countries, including Canada. The Trudeau government also imposes sanctions on the employees of the aviation, rail and sea transport companies..

Canadian authorities are considering various measures to encourage those who have not been vaccinated to receive the vaccine. One of them is the idea of ​​losing the unemployment benefit from those who refuse to be vaccinated against the corona virus.

Another measure specific to Quebec was adopted on Thursday: January 18, Shops selling alcohol and cannabis are accessible only to those with a vaccinated passport.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the first country in Latin America to require the vaccine for all civil servants. The Covit-19 vaccine will be mandatory for minors in Costa Rica, For measles and polio, the country’s health ministry announced in November.

Costa Rica has signed an agreement with Pfizer to make vaccinations available to everyone under the age of 12 from March.

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United States

US Supreme Court on Friday urgently examines duty to vaccinate against Govt-19 Joe Biden wants to impose millions of reviews on employees as quickly as possible.

In September, the Democrat leader announced that he wanted to make the vaccine mandatory, especially in companies with more than 100 employees.. The move was immediately condemned by elected Republican officials, who see it as an abuse of power by the federal government and a part of the economic world that sees it as a reaction.


Both public and private employees in Fiji’s Pacific archipelago must be vaccinated to continue working. This decision was taken by the government in July 2021 This Pacific archipelago is intended to combat an eruption Of delta variation.


In France, Vaccination is mandatory from September 15 For health workers (nurse assistants, nurses, nursing home staff (EHPAD), firefighters, doctors).

About 3000 suspensions“Provided to non-vaccinated health workers Health Minister Oliver Warren announced the day after the move came into effect, against Govt-19 of the vaccine duty.


The Finnish Parliament adopted it at the end of December Government proposal to make Govt vaccination compulsory for health workers if in close contact with elderly or at-risk patients. If a worker refuses to receive the Govt vaccine, he can provide his employer with proof of a recent corona virus test.

Other size: Only foreign travelers with negative Govt-19 test and certification for full immunization Or a past infection can go to Finland.


The British government announced in November Introduction of vaccination duty for caregivers in the public health service against Govt-19 In the UK from April 1st.


Greek citizens over the age of 60 must receive their first injection by January 16th Govt protest. If this date is exceeded, they will be fined 100 euros per month.

There are already caregivers and people working in nursing homes Duty to be vaccinated from August.


After Greece, Italy, Great Britain and France, Announcing July 2021 is Hungary’s turn It imposes the anti-Govt vaccine on nursing staff.


Those who are not vaccinated in Italy can no longer go to the cinema, theater, concerts or major sporting events. Restrictions that came into force on December 6th.

The Italian government has announced that people over the age of 50 will need to be vaccinated. Most of the victims have until February 15 to comply.

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From the end of November, Latvian employers can segregate employees who refuse the Kovit-19 vaccine.

Elected politicians who do not have a vaccination certificate or proof of recovery from this disease are also exempted from their duties and will not receive any pay until they are vaccinated.

As of December 24, 19 municipal councilors across the country have been suspended. Their seats on the ballot that brought them to power are temporarily reserved for their direct rivals. National MP Julija Stepanenko has also been suspended.


In accordance For restrictions taken in July 2021Vaccination is compulsory for all civil servants in Lebanon.

The measure applies to everyone working in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, orphanages, health care centers, nursing homes, support centers for people with special needs, educational institutions, universities, banks, shopping centers and stores.

New Zealand

New Zealand announced in October 2021 Most caregivers and teachers will not be able to carry out their activities without getting vaccinated against Govt-19..

Physicians, nurses and other caregivers in direct contact with patients should be vaccinated before December 1st. Academic staff in contact with students must have received two doses by January 1st.


In Poland, the vaccination duty on the medical profession, the teaching profession, the military and the police will take effect from March 1.

Czech Republic

From March 1, the outgoing government announced in early December that all Czechs over the age of 60 should be vaccinated against Kovit-19.

Vaccination duty should be extended to health professionals, firefighters, police and the military. However, the arrangement is still under discussion, as the new health minister, Vlastimil Válek, has stated opposition.


The Vaccine Vaccine Vaccine Pass came into effect on December 22 in Tunisia for a period of six months. It is especially mandatory in administrations, public and private, educational and university institutions and places reserved for leisure, cultural and sporting activities and places of worship. This will be requested from every person of Tunisian nationality or living in Tunisia and over 18 years of age.


In September 2021, the Zimbabwean parliament banned those who had not been vaccinated against Govt-19 from attending religious services.

Vaccination has been mandatory for government employees and teachers in this South African country since early September. Go to markets, gyms, restaurants and university exams and you will be vaccinated.