August 9, 2022


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Which opposition candidate crossed the sword with Victor Orban?

This is a complete and unbelievable first for Hungarian politics. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. That Opposition is paramount Held in two rounds: first, enamel Delays due to strange computer events And favorite, the worst score of an environmental activist Kerzili Christmas, etc. The second starts on Sunday.

The name of the opposing candidate will be known on October 17. Two competitors are in competition. First, an independent conservative economist by training without much political experience: Peter Margi-Joy, undoubtedly the best at defeating Victor Orban, especially because of his popularity in the provinces and right-wing circles. In front of her is an extreme center-left eurofile: Clara Dobrev, a staunch political tool of her Democratic Alliance, but her husband, a former Socialist prime minister, has left with poor health. Its catastrophic record.

So one of the two will face Victor Orban in April 2022. Portraits of these challenges with their strengths and weaknesses.

An experienced MEP, but with a pressure

Clara Dobrev, 49, of the main opposition Democratic Alliance. It has the support of the smaller Liberal Party. In the first round of these primary elections he was in the lead with 35% of the vote.

This social democrat, if she wins her race, will be the first woman to lead Hungary. He presents a reliable profile as a housekeeper. His political experience is real: he was elected to the European Parliament, of which he has been one of the Vice Presidents since 2019, when he was part of the Hungarian government in the 2000s.

Born in Sofia to a Bulgarian father, he speaks the language of this country, Russian, English and German. As a lawyer, she is pro-European and appreciates the freedom of expression she enjoys in Brussels, while the Hungarian-backed state media does not invite her into the debate.

Her weak point is her celebrity: she married former Prime Minister Franங்கois Kyrgyzstan, who became a divisive figure in Hungary in 2006 after a scandal. He lied, especially carelessly admitting this lie, about the real state of the country’s economy. The microphone attached made it possible to broadcast comments about her. .

Among her plans, Clara Dobrev wants to rewrite the constitution, which Victor Orban has adapted in his favor in recent years.

Surprise: Conservative conservative but outside the party

Total outsiders are invited Peter Margie-Joy. As an independent candidate, he cannot rely on the machinery of a party, but his ambition is firmly rooted in the body. In the first round, no one believed his chances of going to second. But he performed better than the former far-right Jobik’s candidate: he won a solid third place. In addition, he is now enjoying the support of the small opposition Momentum, youth and urban voters, especially this Friday, the surprising withdrawal of the second, but favorite, environmental mayor of Budapest Kerzeli Karaksoni.

Also 49, Peter Margi-Joy delighted the town hall of his hometown of Hotmesovasarheli as the decades-old stronghold of the ruling Fidesz party in 2018. He introduces A conservative profile, Catholic, father of 7 children, rooted in the province, Jobik is likely to attract the votes of voters: in short, he joins the left and conservative soil commonly derived from Victor Orban.

Kerkeli, who said he was ready to withdraw in support of the mayor of Budapest, is now getting the support of Caraconi.

Former Orban supporter, Peter Margie-Joy lived in the United States and Canada for five years, and claims to have left Fidesz because of its dictatorship and corruption.

But his surprise erupted in these Primary elections are held without financial assistance or the support of the party machinery, which does not preclude getting 20% ​​of the vote in the first round.

The man is also accused of making some takeaway statements that could be compared to the rhetoric of Trump or Bolsanaro. La Hungarian Press Promises imprisonment for Fitzgerald’s opponents, supports the restructuring of banned fighters of the far right, or argues that they should strike to the end. Trips in favor of a strict education based on corporal punishment.

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