August 9, 2022


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Why does the 2nd dose of the vaccine cause more side effects?

Some pain in the hand, a little fatigue the next day பக்க The side effects of the anti-govt vaccine are not noticeable after the first injection, but what about the second? “At the time, I had nothing, but at night I was caught with a stiffness all over my body,” Gillum tells our colleagues from Courier Picard. He received his second dose of Pfizer vaccine on May 31, 2021. According to him, it is impossible to go to work the next day. Why does the second dose cause more side effects?

The most important side effects

Most of the people are getting ready to get their second level. But beware, side effects with a second injection can be strong, warns National Institute of Drugs In France (ANSM) regardless of vaccine.

The Pfizer / Modern vaccine company has identified a number of effects, including fever, fatigue, joint pain, cold, nausea, and ascites. The appearance of these symptoms is very important with Pfizer vaccines.

This study is similar to the modern vaccine PFMTV
With the exception of lymphadenopathy, the frequency of systemic reactions that are frequently reported during the administration of the second dose is high. “

Immune reaction

When your body reacts, your immune system reacts. It is activated by our body when it has to defend itself against external attacks. This is when it makes more cells. “
Fever or body aches are signs that your body’s immune system is reacting to a vaccine, especially an antigen (a substance that stimulates the immune system), and is preparing to fight the virus. ”
The World Health Organization explains.

So none of these side effects are unusual. “The first injection is the first, we give the first warning to the immune system. The second injection aims to amplify and integrate the immune response, which explains a strong reaction, which is physiological,” he said. Brigitte Adron, an expert in the field of immunity at BFMTV, explains. A similar phenomenon occurs after the first dose in individuals who have already shrunk Govit-19.

These side effects are considered very common by ANSM, but the severity may vary and disappear within a few days. “I had symptoms for two weeks. I was tired. “, Says Guilloom. “If the fever rises to 40ºC, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea, it means that the immune system is too active for your health and the response is not adequate. “, Warns Christian de Timovsky L Express. The immune response is also strong in young people.

“I did not take doliprane before I was in pain, it was a mistake”, Guilloom says. In fact, dolipren is the most effective way to prevent and relieve unwanted side effects. Rest and hydration after vaccination is recommended.

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