October 7, 2022


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Why is the US Department of Justice refusing to release the reasons for the search on Trump?

Information prejudicial to the investigation

The Ministry of Justice on Monday promised that such a release would “will irreparably prejudice an ongoing criminal investigation“, according to a court document, on Friday, at the request of attorneys. A judge made public the warrant authorizing the search and the list of seized documents. But, unlike the first document, this time the published document “Important information about witnesses“, Techniques and Facts Used by the Police”Very important for investigation“, estimated the Ministry.

Its publication may reveal the investigators’ strategy and “Affect the next steps (success) of the investigation“According to the documents disclosed on Friday, the judge suspects that the Republican party violated the US law on intelligence, which strictly regulates the possession of classified documents. The list of seized items mentioned several classified documents.Top secret“.

Donald Trump, who is poised to restart his race for the White House in 2024, has promised the documents are declassified. On Monday, the Republican said he was a victim, citing a passport seized during the search.An unprecedented attack on a political enemy in our country“.

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