October 7, 2022


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Why the new profile photo of Delphine Jubilee’s husband is causing controversy | Other facts

Cedric Jubilee, the husband of the missing Delphine Jubilee, was recently posted on his Facebook account at another woman’s company. New profile photo that makes people active.

“You’re ashamed. Instead of looking for your wife, mother of two, you want to type in another weather van.” Comments left by internet users on the photo Cedric Jubiller, who is none other than Delphine’s husband, a 33-year-old young nurse who has been missing for months.

A clich of questioning

In the photo, you can see the name of Chevrin and the 44-year-old with another woman named Cedric. As the main interested party explained to our colleagues from La Debes, he would be the couple’s “old acquaintance”.

Close, Cedric Jubiller contacted his wife two days after she went missing. Severin claims to be “the foremost of those who supported him” and confirms that he should not be the father’s new friend in the family.


For his part, Mee Philippe Brezek, a lawyer for Delphine Friends who was questioned by Akto Toulouse, believes the photo was “not an event.” He parted ways with Delphine Jubilee. He recreates his life, that’s all. This is not recent, it is not a bar … ”

As a reminder, Cedric Jubilar just announced to his gender that his wife was missing, Tuesday through Wednesday, December 15th. The couple was divorced.

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