October 7, 2022


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Woman dies on flight to UK as family watches

Helen Rhodes, a British mother, died in front of her family while returning from holiday. Her husband and two children were forced to stay with her lifeless body until the end of the flight.

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UHelen Rhodes, a British mother, died on a flight from Hong Kong to the UK on Friday. Hours after the flight took off, he was found unconscious in his seat.

Helen Rhode died in her seat, asleep, on the plane that was taking her home. With the flight still ten hours away, her husband Simon and her two children, Nathan and Emma, ​​are forced to stay with her lifeless body for the duration of the journey. Helen’s friend said the family managed to “tell her everything they needed to tell her” despite the traumatic experience.

The flight, which was supposed to land in the United Kingdom, was urgently diverted to Frankfurt, Germany. According to Guardian, Helen’s body was in Frankfurt. His family then boarded a plane to return to England. A friend of the victim created a kitten to help the family with repatriation costs and the mother’s funeral.

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson said they were supporting the family and were in touch with local authorities.

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