November 30, 2022


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WWE Crown Jewel 2022 Predictions

WWE Crown Jewel 2022 Predictions

WWE crown jewel It is scheduled to take place today (Saturday, November 5, 2022) from Mrsool Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Starts at 12:00 PM Eastern Time on the peacock In the US and WWE Network everywhere else.

Fortunately for you Cagesiders, our educated wrestling staff is here to help see how the event will play out with predictions for each match on the card.

Let’s get it right.


WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Logan Paul

Gino MorskoThere is a 100% negative chance that Logan Paul will win this match. There is no world he can win in here. Choose: Roman Reigns

Sean Reuter: Watching the world burn doesn’t seem much worse than what we’re watching right now, but I still don’t think WWE would go down the shock road here. Choose: Roman Reigns

Kyle Decker: Oh man, can you imagine? Choose: Roman Reigns

Claire ElizabethCredit where credit is due, Logan has shown real efficiency, and WWE loves to chase an outside superstar, but there’s no way in the devil’s hell he has to win this. I prefer David Arquette, honestly. Choose: Roman Reigns

Cain what night: Logan Paul would take that lucky shot, but it wouldn’t be good enough to stop Romain from smashing him. Choose: Roman Reigns

Marcus Benjamin: Why does WWE make us do things like this? Cain is likely right: Logan drops a lucky punch, but that’s not enough to bring down a god. Choose: Roman Reigns

Raw Women’s Championship – Last Woman Standing: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley

Gino Morsko: I felt like Bayley might win the title at various points, but that’s not the case anymore. Choose: Bianca Belair

Sean Reuter: If they were going to pull the trigger on this, it would have happened by now. Choose: Bianca Belair

Kyle Decker: We’ve come to a sticking point where they have to either make the change or move on. With no strong heels to step up to Bianca if she wins here, I’d say she doesn’t, but I’m definitely not sure about that. Choose: Bailey

Claire Elizabeth: Yes I don’t see that, especially after Damage CTRL lost tag addresses. It’s simply not meant to be a particularly dominant stable heel, and Bayley can move on just fine, uh…I don’t know…Choice: Bianca Belair

Cain what night: Bianca Belair has been up there with Roman Reigns as the most powerful superstar booked on the WWE roster for the past two years. I think they would save her final loss of the title to either Charlotte Flair or Ronda Rousey. Choose: Bianca Belair

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Marcus Benjamin: They do not change addresses abroad. Not this anyway. CNTRL damage might win something here but not this title. Choose: Bianca Belair

Tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) vs. Ridge Holland & BUTCH

Gino Morsko: There is no reason to believe they are going to change the address here. Choose: The Usos

Sean Reuter: FIGHT NIGHT is a regional holiday, which I don’t think they celebrate in Saudi Arabia. Choose: The Usos

Kyle Decker: Even if Jey Uso is still not enthusiastic about Ucey, they should be able to handle the Brutes here. Choose: The Usos

Claire Elizabeth: Bloodline is so cool right now, don’t spoil it for anything less than Sami Uso taking the tag titles. Choose: The Usos

Cain what night: The Usos couldn’t have become the longest-running tag team champion in WWE history if they lost the belts here. Choose: The Usos

Marcus Benjamin: It’s time to get Ucey. Choose: The Usos

Tag Team Championship: Alexa Bliss & Asuka (c) vs. Damage CTRL

Gino Morsko: I can see them 100 percent flipping the titles back, just to make sure there’s a change of title in the show. Choose: damage CTRL

Sean Reuter: Just because something worth reporting about kayfabe has to happen on this show, let’s say they put the belts back on Kai & SKY on their way to a feud between the current champions. Choose: damage CTRL

Kyle Decker: It would be a little strange to highlight titles like this, but it certainly wouldn’t make the belts look weaker if it did and could spark some excitement. It’s very likely that CTRL will win those belts soon. However, I don’t see the change happening within six days of Alexa & Asuka winning. Choose: Alexa Bliss & Asuka

Claire Elizabeth: They’ve gotten a little better at making these shows count, but they still feel like glorified house shows and I think you’re going to win over the kid character, maybe with a little more drama to justify another match in a week or two. Choose: Alexa Bliss & Asuka

Cain what night: I think CTRL damage will come empty in Saudi Arabia. Choose: Asuka and Alexa Bliss

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Marcus Benjamin: I choose CNTRL damage here. Kai-N-SKY got the belts back after he lost them rawAnd they leave Saudi Arabia with at least one victory under their belts. Well, their new belts. Choose: CNTRL damage

Steel Cage: Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Cross

Gino Morsko: This is WWE, and even under Triple H the heels won’t win in the end…is it? Choose: Drew McIntyre

Sean Reuter: While it could be worn in Saudi Arabia approved underwear, I’m assuming Scarlett won’t be making the trip. They could rotate Kroos’ loss for not having his better half in his corner. Choose: Drew McIntyre

Kyle Decker: The plan should be to keep building the crossover. Drew is in a good place where he ended up. Carrion is not at that point. He should keep winning until fans buy more. Choose: Carrion Cross

Claire Elizabeth: On a certain level, all I want in life is for Drew to reuse the ending from his steel cage match against Roderick Strong at Evolve 38. Trapped between cage and ring as Roddy hit him kick after kick until he passed out. .. cool stuff. Choose: Carrion Cross

Cain what night: It looks like Kroos needs a little more help to beat, so I think he’s hitting McIntyre again. And he probably should, given that Carrion was the victim in that weird car crash corner. Choose: Carrion Cross

Marcus Benjamin: This really is a coin to me. Drew could be losing at this point in his career, so going crossover makes more sense. But, Drew is Drew. Choose: Carrion Cross

Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley

Gino Morsko: This is where Brock reclaims his win to prepare for the big PPVs starting in 2023. Choose: Brock Lesnar

Sean Reuter: He’s done business with Roman twice this year. I love you, Bob, but you’re not Roman. Choose: Brock Lesnar

Kyle Decker: Get out on a limb here and go with Bobby for the win. He feels like he needs to be punished after Brooke screws him up. It will be generally interesting to see if Brock’s booking changes at all without Vince at the helm. Maybe not, and maybe I’m wrong, but I’m sticking with that. Choose: Bobby Lashley

Claire Elizabeth: Brooke is Brooke, Brooke is bulletproof, I gotta get my son Franklin Roberto Lashley a big win he can score for five years. Choose: Bobby Lashley

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Cain what nightBrock Lesnar in a losing streak. He does not lose a third. Choose: Brock Lesnar

Marcus Benjamin: Brook not back to lose. Unless it was for Roman. And he certainly wouldn’t go abroad to lose. Choose: Brock Lesnar.

Braun Strowman vs. Omos

Gino Morsko: It seems clear that they see more in Strowman and this match will likely give us the answer to that. Choose: Braun Strowman

Sean Reuter: As long as the meat gets slapped, who really cares? Choose: Omos

Kyle Decker: One of these guys has been brought back to WWE for a reason and that person is not Omos. Choose: Braun Strowman

Claire Elizabeth: No contest when Timmy puts on his action figures because his mom called him into the kitchen for lunch? nah? Don’t buy it? Omos has had a great track but is closer to the end than the start. Choose: Braun Strowman

Cain what night: This is Strowman’s first significant match in WWE since his comeback, so he’s not losing. Having Braun on the WWE roster makes Omos old, which is why Omos is here to put Braun before he disappears into obscurity. Choose: Braun Strowman

Marcus Benjamin: sigh. Choose: Braun Strowman

The OC vs. Doomsday

Gino Morsko: So who would the neutral be for Rhea Ripley? Choose: OC

Sean Reuter: Another win for the bad guys, set the stage for Raquel, Beth, or anyone dealing with the Rhea problem in WarGames. Choose: Doomsday

Kyle Decker: The OC should win this match because it is being re-established. But Triple H seems to love doomsday. I also think that those who choose to neutralize Rhea will happen again in the United States. Choose: Doomsday

Claire Elizabeth: House Show Rules, baby, Finn Balor’s going down on a banana peel and the good siblings will get those attached to one, twos, and threes. Note: Where the hell is an omen in heaven oh my god? Choose: OC

Cain what night: This will be the night AJ Styles and his cohorts find a way to neutralize Rhea Ripley long enough to win. Choose: OC

Marcus Benjamin: This is the match I look forward to the most. Exactly how the California team neutralized Rhea Ripley. Choose: OC

This is how we see the card in play.

You are?