October 7, 2022


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“You never wanted to do that?”

On November 5, Darrell was arrested in his backyard by six police officers. Why? He had shown his buttocks to a radar. The father was stunned when three police cars and six police officers came out of his house 20 minutes later and asked to be allowed inside. When Darrell refused, officers searched the house before fitting him to the ground in his backyard to handcuff him.

“I’m not feeling well, I can not breathe like that,” he says in a video filmed by his wife Sarah. “It’s ridiculous. I showed my butt to a radar.”

“This is an important announcement you made to us,” a policewoman replied. “I’m glad to say that, because this is one of the things I wanted to do,” he replied. “I was diagnosed with multiple atrophy of the nervous system. I’m not feeling well, I have very little time to live. It’s one of the items on my wish list. Have you ever wanted to show your buttocks to the radar? Well I do.”

He says he was hit in the head when he was arrested by police. He has been remanded in police custody and released on bail on charges of indecent assault and dangerous driving. “All this to make fun of a radar …”

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After he was released later that day, his vision was blurred and he suffered from two epileptic seizures. He explains that he went to the hospital for fear of bleeding in the brain.