July 3, 2022


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“You should not evict someone because you love a woman or man”: A French influencer complains after being evicted from Dubai

An extraordinary case has been opened by the Attorney General’s Office in Wesol, France. The French-influenced Ibrahim Kodin has filed a complaint after being evacuated from Dubai airport by local authorities. The 21-year-old, who has 600,000 followers on Snapshot and Dictoc, believes the cop he has to deal with was taken away by a homosexual. “This is not normal!”, He argues.

The facts happened in mid-May. With another influential friend, Ibrahim Kodin decided to move to Dubai, the prime location of social media stars for many years. “My passport is valid. I did a PCR check, but a customs officer told me to go to the immigration office to get a visa.” , he recalled in an interview with franceinfo. The young man would be alone in this room for seven hours without eating or drinking. He finally sets his destiny when a policeman announces his expulsion from the United Arab Emirates. No reason was given to him then.

Ibrahim explains that the police officer calls him when he is taken on the plane responsible for taking him to France. ” Doesn’t the guy with you look like your boyfriend? “, He asks according to influence. The words that shocked him the most. “This is nonsense! When we deport someone, it’s not because he is dangerous or because he is not in good condition, it is because he loves a woman or a man.” He protests.

Not “all beauty is pink”

Still in the dark about the official reason for his expulsion, Ibrahim Gadin hopes to get a thank-you response to his complaint. But if the young influencer decides to expose his mischievous adventure, it is mainly because he wants to block against those who want to go to the country. “The whole of Dubai is not beautiful, it is pink as we see it on social networks”, He concludes.

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The country is already isolated by numerous reports from human rights groups. The map released by the International Association of Lesbians and Gay (ILGA) in December 2020 reminds us that homosexuality is still banned in the country. LGBTQI + people face the death penalty there under Sharia and Islamic law. “There is no evidence that this phrase has been used against LGBT people. “Indicates, however Human Dignity FoundationLGBT is an international organization that uses the law to protect the human rights of the people.

In its report for 2021, Amnesty International Condemns serious human rights violations committed by authorities throughout the year. “Especially arbitrary detention, brutal and inhumane treatment of prisoners, suppression of freedom of expression and attacks on the dignity of private life. Part of the right to health of the voluntary organization points out the respect and attitude of the authorities towards people who are not citizens, who have lost the right to a nationality and are prevented from accessing certain public services. “The courts carried out executions and executions took place “, The report states.

Human Rights Watch He argues that UAE officials continue to invest in a ‘soft power’ strategy that is progressive, tolerant and respectful of rights. “The United Arab Emirates continues to prevent representatives of international human rights organizations and United Nations experts from conducting independent inspections in the country and visiting prisons and detention centers.” The association adds.