October 7, 2022


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Young London Sarah Everest kidnapping, rape and murder: Police plead guilty

Wayne Cousins ​​appeared via video conference from Belmarsh High Security Prison in London during the trial at Old Bailey Criminal Court in London. He put his head down and pleaded guilty in a whisper.

According to his lawyer, Jim Stern, Wayne Cousins ​​”is a criminal and regrets what he did. As he told us this morning, he will carry the burden for the rest of his life.”

The agent, who is in charge of the security of diplomatic missions in London, pleaded guilty in June to abducting and raping a 33-year-old man who went missing at the home of a group of friends in south Glafam. Capital.

This death caused great emotion in the country. Thousands of women shared their sense of insecurity on social media, testified to the threats and harassment they experienced, and called on politicians to act to address them.

“Perfect Strangers”

Sarah Evert died seven days after disappearing into a tree in Kent (southeastern England) a few meters from land owned by Wayne Cousins.

According to the medical examiner, his death was caused by a “neck contraction”.

At Friday’s hearing, Judge Fulford noted that “there has been a tremendous amount of investigation that has led to this very important decision. He clarified that the policeman’s sentence would be announced at the scheduled hearing in two days from September 29th.

CCTV footage helped investigators identify and arrest Wayne Cousins ​​on March 9 at his home in Deal, Kent.

A camera on a bus captures the moment a young woman is abducted by police in Palham, south London. Attorney Tom Little said Friday that Wayne Cousins ​​and Sarah Everett are “complete strangers to each other.”

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Investigators were able to trace the route of the vehicle driven by Wayne Cousins, and just hours before the abduction, he thanked the company that rented it.

A few days after the murder, the policeman, who said he was suffering from depression, declared that he did not want to carry the gun before declaring himself ill on March 8, the day before his arrest.

During his interrogation, he told police that he had handed over Sarah Evert alive to three Eastern European men in a van in a rest area in Kent.

But phone information allowed investigators to find the young woman’s body in the wreckage of a large bag.

The body was identified by his dental records.

On the same day that Cousins ​​booked the rental car, the investigation revealed that he had bought an adhesive picture on the internet. Two days after Sarah Everest went missing, CCTV footage also showed two bags of rubble being bought.

At a previous hearing, the prosecutor had underlined significant risks to the suspect’s reconsideration if he were released on bail, as the exhibition incident is said to have taken place on February 28 – just days before the murder.

The police force IOPC is investigating whether the London Police have responded appropriately to the exhibition’s report.

In March, the police were criticized for muscle intervention when it was tribunal in March. The young women were restrained and handcuffed, which provoked emotional outrage.

London police are involved in another case in which two sisters were murdered in a park in Wembley (northwest London) on June 6, 2020. Two officers have been charged with gross misconduct in the discharge of their duties at the scene of the double murder and for sharing pictures.

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