June 27, 2022


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YouTuber made his PS5 Slim less than an inch thick

YouTuber made his PS5 Slim less than an inch thick

Sony usually follows up on its PlayStation consoles with a slim version after a few years, but that time is not yet ripe PS5 Until now. While we’re all waiting for a slimmer PS5 that fits better in small spaces, a YouTuber called DIY Perks already built for himself. He dismantled the standard PlayStation 5 and replaced whatever needed to be replaced to get rid of the bulk of the console. He replaced components with similar parts and his own homemade creations, including the rather bulky casing for the console, came up with a device that was only 1.9 cm thick.

However, placing the current machine’s power supply and cooling system along with the rest of the console components won’t result in a “skinny” version of the PS5. So, what Perks did was build his own water cooling system and put the power supply into a tall, thin outer case that could fit behind the TV, where it wouldn’t be noticeable. While he had some issues that took time to resolve, he was eventually able to get the console to work. Its cooling system was more efficient than the standard PS5, based on the temperatures it took when I tested it with it. Forbidden horizon west.

Unfortunately, the PS5 Slim from Perks is one of a kind and not easy to imitate. You can check out his process in the video below if you need ideas or just want to freak out.

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