November 30, 2022


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Zemmour is planning his first campaign meeting in December

“We are considering the first campaign meeting in December,” his entourage said.

Another source close to Eric Zemoro promises that a potential contender for the Elysee Palace will be in Zenith on December 5, while the Republican Party will hold its congressional hearing on December 1 to 4 to nominate its presidential candidate.

The announcement of the candidature, however, will not take place at the meeting, prior to this, according to this close circle.

In the form in which the candidacy notice is taken, Eric Gemmour hailed it as “effective enough, relevant, impactful so that millions and millions of people can understand what I mean” and “do”. The conference is to be held in the evening.

He said the media would be “warned in advance” of the date of the announcement.

The candidate, who has been summoned to appear in court on Wednesday for comments targeting unsupported minors, is due to travel to London on November 19 and 20, to Geneva on November 24-25 and to Marseille on November 26 without a public meeting. Only in Strasbourg on December 3rd.

The Fifth Republic is a “semi-monarchy” and the presidential election is a man who presents himself to the people without a party, a man who asks the people, “Do you want me? As a republican king?”

“I want to be the Republican monarch if I put myself forward,” he said, “surrounded by a strong team, the highest intellectual level (…) I can want for all candidates.”

Regarding RN candidate Marine Le Pen, who he followed or exaggerated in the poll, he said he was “her cats, I’m books” and that RN wanted to repeal the voting law for voters.

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He finally compared the LR candidates’ debate on Monday to “a meeting of anonymous drinkers explaining to us how to get rid of alcohol, except that they are the cause of this blood alcohol level.”

In the evening, he delivered an economy-centric speech to about 1,300 supporters gathered at the Palais des Congress – 800 people outside without being able to enter.

About 150 people simultaneously protested against the convention of protesters about a kilometer away.

The Sud-Ouest newspaper did not receive recognition for the conference, but on October 26 in Biarritz Mr. Its coverage of Zemmour’s conference was on the point of being “not happy”, he said. Jean-Pierre Dorian, editor of the newspaper, told AFP.