May 18, 2022


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Zhelensky: “Russia wants to destroy all life in Donbass”

According to him, the Russian attacks on residential areas “testify to the fact that Russia wants to desert this territory”.

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LAccording to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, Russian troops want to destroy life in Donbass. “In Donbass, the invaders are doing everything to destroy all life in the area. The series of heavy shelling, continuous Russian attacks on infrastructure and residential areas testify to Russia’s desire to desert the area,” he said in a video message on Saturday morning.

“In the fight against Russia, it will be very useful against the Russian invaders,” he said. Zelensky also expressed his gratitude. He added that the plan to accelerate aid to Ukraine would “help defeat the ideological heirs of the Nazis who have unleashed a war against us and our country.”

Three bodies were found with their hands tied near Bootsa

LThe bodies of three people who were tortured and shot dead were found on Saturday in a cemetery near Poucha with their hands tied and blindfolded, Kiev police said Sunday.

“The victims were tortured for a long time (…) In the end, each of them received a bullet in the temple,” Kyiv police chief Andriï Nebytov said in a statement, with their hands tied. , Blindfolded and some people spit in the mouth.

The bodies of the three men were found in the village of Myrotsky, not far from the city of Putsov, near Kiev, where the bodies of many civilians have been found, symbolizing the atrocities of the war in Ukraine. “According to preliminary data, the invaders tried to cover up traces of their violence, so they threw their bodies into a ditch and covered them with earth,” Nepitov said.

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